Where is the West?

I am absolutely livid over the West’s lack of response to the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.  Just last year, President Blockhead Obama claimed that the United States had “a responsibility to protect” the poor innocent Muslims in Syria who were being massacred by other poor, innocent Muslims.  Yet when there is a real crisis, and Christians are being martyred by the hundreds, the Western governments do not even lift a finger.  Christian homes are being branded with the Arabic letter ن, the equivalent of “N”, as in “Nazarene”.  

These Christian refugees should be taken in to the nearest civilized country, clothed, and fed until they are able to return to their homes.  In the meantime, bomb ISIS back to the stone age.  Destroy this upstart “caliphate” before it has the power to do any more damage, and before another innocent life is destroyed by these savages.  If we could afford to house tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims, we can surely afford to house a few thousand Christians.  

The “United Nations”, being the disgraceful, Judeo-Stalinist institution that it is, will never do anything to help these Christians, but will scream and shout all day along about the plight of innocent Muslims all over the globe.  This double standard has gone on long enough.  The West must use military force to destroy this band of wild beasts.  It is the only way to save the Iraqi Christians, and it is the only way to prevent this caliphate from spreading all over the globe.

For the sake of my blood pressure and the safety of the keyboard, I am going to stop typing now.  I’ll write a follow-up post when I calm down.


Reality Check: Who was Mohammad?

From the Liber Chronicarum, 1493:

Mohammed (Machometus), an Arab, or (as some would have it) a Persian, was born of a noble pagan father and an Ishmaelite woman of Hebrew parentage. And although he had his origin in two contrary sects or faiths, he was not fully attached to either, but according to his own notion and by his cunning intelligence, he drew upon the laws of both, blowing up a dangerous conflagration for all mankind. For among the Arabs (by whom he was held in great veneration), he openly said that Chosroes (Cosdroem), the king of Persia, together with all his relatives, was not wiped out without good reason, having caused himself to be worshipped above God, although he was a very evil person and himself worshipped idolatrous gods. However, in his disputations upon the Hebrew and Christian laws, he said that both laws were in unison, but that both people were misled through grave errors. These errors he summed up follows: He admonished the Hebrews because they denied that Christ was born of a virgin, although her parents had announced this beforehand. On the other hand he admonished the Christians for lightheartedness in holding that Jesus, though ignominiously born of a virgin, was God’s favorite, and yet God wished him to suffer death on the cross at the hands of the Jews. But Mohammed proclaimed his own law, promising that if the Saracens would accept and keep it, and follow him as the divine messenger sent to reveal it, they would attain freedom as well as rule and sovereignty over their neighbors. With a mighty army of Arabs he harassed the provinces of the Roman Empire; but Heraclius soon silenced the revolt. Afterwards the Arabs and Saracens again took up arms; and in the six hundred and twenty-third year from the Nativity of Christ they defeated the generals of Heraclius, and of him who was at first a fortunate man, they made a most unfortunate one. Mohammed called himself the Great Prophet of God, and he deceived the people of Asia and Africa by black magic; and by the pronouncement of a new faith he so influenced them that they completely extirpated the name of the empire. This false faith now holds the upper hand more than before; for all Asia and Africa, and a large part of Europe, has been subordinated to Mohammedan princes. Now by land and sea they are attempting to drive us out of this small corner of Europe. And in order that this Mohammed (as is stated in his book of laws) might lead his followers still further away from the Christian faith, he emulated certain heretics, chiefly the Nestorians, in the interpretation and description of his own laws; and he gathered together many things against the Mosaic laws and the Gospels, and assembled these in one book. And to increase the grip of his laws, he ordained that a man might take four wives of his own race, as many concubines as he could support, and as many purchased wives as he wished. However, he ordered his followers not to drink wine; and those who obeyed his laws he promised the Garden of Eden. Those who scorned his laws he threatened with hell. He stated that Moses and John the Baptist were the great prophets of God; but that Christ was the greatest of all the prophets and born of divine power and cooperation, and not of the human seed of the Virgin Mary, etc. After he had reigned six years and had attained the age of 34 years, he died in the Year of the Lord 632, after having indulged himself in adultery, drunkenness and wantonness.