ISIS five miles from Baghdad

The Islamic Savages (or was I being redundant?) of Iraq and Syria have reached the outskirts of Baghdad.

It is believed that Caliph Ibrahim, or “Ibby”, as I prefer, is looking forward to conquering the seat of the historical caliphate in Baghdad.

Wagers are presently being made in Rome as to whether he will behead the Christians or the Jews first.

Meanwhile, I trust that our ever-vigilant president and our ever-attentive antipope are paying close attention to events in Iraq, and that this situation will be resolved momentarily.


Six Days to Go.

There are now six days until the opening of the Sin-od.

I expect Michael Voris is scrambling to find a talking point.

I wonder what he will do if Francis gives the Novus Ordo “cookie” to public adulterers.

I also wonder if and how he will claim Francis was misunderstood.

Bottom line: Buckle up and get your popcorn ready, for this is going to be a wild–and amusing–ride.


Countdown to the Synod

As I write this, there are ten days remaining until the opening of the Extraordinary Synod, and by all accounts it promises to be no less than an ecclesiastical earthquake.  Novus Ordo Watch has taken the time to set up a poll asking its readers what their reaction to the Synod will be, in wake of the fact that the Synod is likely to defy divine law and give communion, or, in this case, “communion” to public adulterers.

For many Traditionalists, this Synod is their “red line”, and if Antipope Francis follows through with what everyone in Rome is saying he will do, many will become sedevacantists, and some believe that a schism is imminent in the Novus Ordo Sect.

Personally, I’ve also been following the Sirianist periodical Today’s Catholic World, in addition to the usual (and excellent) Novus Ordo Watch and Call Me Jorge.  The Sirianists believe that there is a hidden pope in the world today, who goes by the name of “Gregory XVIII” in the line of Cardinal Siri, who was allegedly “Gregory XVII”.  Obviously, I realize that there is much to be lacking in the evidence presented by the Sirianists, however, I was thinking recently that if a schism emerges in the Novus Ordo Sect, wouldn’t this be the opportune time for Gregory XVIII to reveal himself to the world?

Personally, I do not understand why Gregory XVIII does not reveal himself to the world, though if he is actually the pope, there must be some reason involved.  Perhaps they wish to avoid a repeat of what allegedly happened to Siri?

Now, I have avoided making any final judgement on the Siri thesis, simply because the majority of the evidence has not be revealed yet.  Cardinal Siri wrote a book that allegedly detailed the events of the Conclave of 1958, however, it will not be published until fifty years have passed since his death, which would be 2039 for those who are interested.  But until sufficient evidence has been presented, I personally can hold no other position than sedevacantism.

But once again, Today’s Catholic World would do themselves a huge favor if Gregory XVIII revealed himself in the midst of the looming schism in the N.O. sect.  If he did so, he might just bring about the end of the Crisis.


Should the U.S. secede from Israel?

Now that the results of Scotland’s independence referendum are known, other European separatist groups are pushing for their independence as well.  However, nobody seems to be asking the real question: Should the U.S. secede from Israel?

For those who are unaware of Israel’s dominance of the United States, you may click away now.  But I do advise you to feast your eyes to this, this, and this.

Now clearly, the Jewish domination of the American banking system, also known as the Federal Reserve, is just a coincidence, as is the fact that the bill which prompted the creation of the “Central Bank” was passed in the middle of night when most of the congressmen were out of town.

And obviously, it is merely a conspiracy theory that the Jewish bankers used their influence in New York, London, and Hamburg to fund the Russian Revolution of 1917.  Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story, many of revolutionary leaders happened to be Jews, but let’s not worry about that, m’kay?

Also, pay no attention to the fact that the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia who just happened to be funded by the Jewish bankers in the West (see above) slaughtered 100 Million+ Christians, a number which is sixteen times higher than the amount of Jews killed by Hitler in the Second World War, in case you were too lazy to do the math.

But all that is fine, because all that matters is that we need to defend Israel, our ally, friend, and the sole foothold of democracy in the tyrant-ridden Middle East.  And we have nothing to fear with Israel in possession of nuclear weapons, because I’m confident that our Jewish friends would never start a nuclear war against, say, Iran.


Some Traditionalist Poetry

And the Neocons bowed and prayed,
To the Vatican II-god they had made.
That he would take away,
Pope Francis’ mental decay.


There once was an Argentine Nope
Who the liberals praised as a pope:
But Saint Pius the Tenth
Used all of his strength
To demonstrate that modernists are dopes!


Yay! “Pope” Francis engages in more “fun” with World Jewry.

Source: Vatican Radio.

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Wednesday afternoon met with  delegation of 40 world Jewish leaders at the Casa Santa Marta.  The gathering was in honor of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.  Among those attending the event were World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder, Latin American Jewish Congress President Jack Terpins, WJC Treasurer Chella Safra and a number of Jewish community heads and senior WJC officials.

“We want to share with the pope our message of peace and prosperity for the New Year,” said Claudio Epelman, executive director of the LAJC and theWJC official in charge of relations with the Vatican.

Among the gifts presented to the Holy Father was a football jersey bearing the name “Francisco”.

And how nice of them to get the Unholy Father a football jersey.

Very ecumenical.