A Terrible Story

I read this on the Trad forum today.  It has been edited slightly to conceal the nurse’s identity. 
This is truly terrible.  Please pray for the repose of this man’s soul:

A man was admitted to the hospital.  [His nurse] saw that he was a Catholic, and notified the cleric to call for a priest. The man lost consciousness but came around a few hours later. A Chaplin came to visit him- a protestant. After the Chaplin left, [The nurse] asked the man if he wanted the priest to come over now. The man said,” No, I just talked to the Chaplin, I’m fine, I don’t really go for all that stuff anyway.”

He died 12 hours later.

That was his chance. His absolute last chance before he met his Maker, and he blew it. What did he have to say for himself when God asked him why he didnt take his chance to repent?

God help us all, we need to make more sacrifices for these sinners.

Sancte Míchaël, ora pro eo…


Decision Time: Three Days to go until the canonizations

Well folks, the time has come.  John Paul II and John XXIII will be declared saints this Sunday.  Which means it is time for many Trads to make a decision:  Will they accept these canonizations as infallible acts of the Magisterium, or will they declare themselves sedevacantists?  I know of many individuals on Suscipe Domine who will be taking the latter route, and I can’t say I very much blame them, considering the damage that these Popes have done to the Church.  But as I have already stated repeatedly, both of these Popes had access to the Sacrament of Extreme Unction before they died, so is it really unthinkable that they made a sincere act of Contrition and received absolution prior to their deaths?  I don’t think so. 

Actually, there is some evidence to support this idea.  John XXIII lived to regret his decision to open Vatican II, his last words being: “Stop the Council, Stop the Council.”

We have no record of what JPII’s last words are, or if he made that sincere act of Contrition.  But the Church says he is in Heaven, and we must believe it is so.

Of course, this does not mean I will become a Pollyanna, and close my eyes to the abominations that transpired during the Pontificates of John XXIII and John Paul II.  Rather, I think that their salvation should give us faithful a great deal of hope as to the prospects of our own salvation. 

Sancte Ioannes XXIII, ora pro nobis…

Sancte Ioannes Paules II, ora pro nobis…


TCM Schedule for Easter

Turner Classic Movies will be playing Easter-related films all day tomorrow.  Many of these are really quite good.  For your reference, here is their schedule.  All times are Eastern time zone.

5:45 AM: The Silver Chalice (1954)

8:00 AM: Barabbas (1962)

10:30 AM: The Big Fisherman (1959)

1:30 PM: King of Kings (1961)

4:30 PM: The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

8:00 PM: Easter Parade (1948)

You’re welcome.