I am shocked to discover that the Dalai Lama is not actually a Llama.

I feel cheated and lied to.

As an aside, I find it amusing that the Dalai Lama thinks he can break his own re-incarnation cycle.  Or perhaps he has reached nirvinity.  

Oh well, at least now we have a Caliph to fill his place.



Advice for New Trads

For those of you who have recently discovered tradition, I present to you the following pieces of advice to help you navigate around the Trad world and to avoid controversy.  Keep these in mind.

1. Catholic Answers Forum is not Catholic.

2. Don’t talk about women in pants.

3. Impy is a man.

4. Promoting Neo-Nazism won’t get you very far.

5. Stay away from Jayne.

6. Only refer to Most Holy Family Monastery as the “Zirconia” brothers.

7. Fish Eaters is for the birds.

8. If he talks like a heretic and acts like a heretic, chances are Voris is defending him.

9. Yes, this means you should cancel your subscription.

10. 2017 is gonna be great.



Heresy! Bergoglio accepts Vatican II False teaching of religious liberty


In case you needed a reminder…

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Religious freedom is in fact a fundamental human right and I cannot fail to express my hope that it will be upheld throughout the Middle East and the entire world. The right to religious freedom “includes on the individual and collective levels the freedom to follow one’s conscience in religious matters and, at the same time, freedom of worship… [it also includes] the freedom to choose the religion which one judges to be true and to manifest one’s beliefs in public” (Ecclesia in Medio Oriente, 26).

This belief is strictly condemned. See here. And by the way, the Muslim mufti that Batty Bergo is meeting with has called for genocide.



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How St. Pius X handled a heretical Bishop

From the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation.

As Pope, St. Pius X had to correct and reprimand several bishops and priests who had fallen into heresy or were flirting dangerously close to that edge. Some of the French prelates who supported the Sillon (a precursor to modern Liberation Theology) were particularly problematic. One bishop who had been reprimanded continued to act against the Catholic Faith. Pope Pius X called him to Rome. When the bishop entered he made the customary genuflection before the Pope and waited to be acknowledged so he could rise. Pope Pius X remained busy at his desk ignoring the bishop for three quarters of an hour. This was a small penance which the saintly pontiff was imposing. At last, Pope Pius raised his eyes and looked the bishop directly in the eyes, holding his gaze steady and stern. Without a word he rose and walked over to the kneeling figure. Then he greeted him: “Good morning, your Excellency.” Before the Bishop could arise, Pope Pius X swiftly removed the zucchetto from the Bishop’s head and placed it on the edge of his desk. He then dismissed him, “Have a good day, Father.” And that was the end of the meeting. No more words had to be spoken. This great pope had sent a very clear warning shot across the bow of the Bark of Peter letting all know what the fate would be of those bishops, successors to Judas, who refused to resist and denounce heresy.